In-Depth: Using the Utilization Range in Person Filters

Using the Utilization Range -filter in People > Allocations allows you to easily find the people that are available for your projects. It can also be used in the opposite way; to find the overloaded personnel and reduce their workload for projects. This filter is located in the Person Filters column.

'Utilization range' is compared to the allocations registered in the system.

'Timerange slots' determines the time span looking forward. The value entered correlates with the chosen view mode so the following are taken into account:
- Resourcing type (tentative / confirmed)
- View mode (days, weeks, months, quarters)
- Date
- Allocation units (relative, hours, day, FTE)

Utilization filters

For this example we are going to use the View Mode 'Weeks'

Example 1:

In the example above (see screenshots) we are trying to find all the personnel whose resourcing situation is between 0% - 70% (set in the Person Filters) in the next 16 weeks (set in the Personnel Listing found in People > Allocations view).

With these numbers Silverbucket is listing every single resource whose average resourcing situation is between these values. So, we can have someone doing 8 weeks at 100% and the next 8 weeks at 0%, as that would mean the person is at 50% capacity. Simultaneously we will see all the personnel that aren't resourced at all, as they would average at 0%.

The matching results are listed in the 'Personnel' listing below (make sure you have this section visible in your view):

Personnel that average a maximum of 70% workload in the upcoming 16 weeks (defined in Person Filters)

Example 2:

We want to find every single person that is overloaded after the summer holidays for the next two months. The summer holidays are ending on August 1st, so after that we want the resourcing situation to be optimal to avoid any possible burnouts, for instance, in the company. For this scenario we can define the following values:

Finding people that are overloaded in the upcoming 8 weeks

We still have the View Mode set as 'Weeks', so 8 weeks is fine (approximately 2months). However, we want to make sure the date is set to August 1st - setting this is done in the same view (Personnel Listing) by clicking on the datepicker-icon.

Choosing the date from when the monitoring for possible overloaded personnel starts

As we click on the date, the listing is automatically updated. Make sure you have also clicked the 'Update Report' button below the filters. After all this is set, you can see the overloaded personnel and are allowed to fix the possible conflict situations on-the-go:

In this example we have multiple personnel overloaded; this could be a bad sign right after vacations
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