User Report

User report gives an oversight for actual hours registered by filtered users.

Date = Date of the actual hours registered by the user
Employee = Name of the user
Project = Name of the project for which the actual hours were registered
Task = Name of the task for which the actual hours were registered
Hours = Amount of actuals hours registered
Own cost = Price for the user. (Person's Dashboard "Cost price")
Total cost = Price of the hours for the actual hours (Project's Dashboard "Price models")
Note = Only shows if a note was written by the user when registering the actual hours

Spring 2020 brought us a few more Person Type filters, test them out :)

The dataset can be sorted in Silverbucket. By clicking the header of the column, the data values are sorted in ascending or descending order. You can use multiple columns simultaneously for sorting.

If you export the data over to Excel, the dataset is exported in the same order as it is sorted in Silverbucket as you press the Export-button.
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