Use Cases for Soft Booking

Silverbucket allows you to make two different kind of allocations: confirmed allocations and tentative allocations. Tentative allocations (soft booking) are useful for example in the following cases:
Project schedule changes 
A project may end earlier or later than planned originally. The project manager can update the resource plan by using tentative allocations. This way the project manager can easily compare the previous plan to the new one.
Holiday wishes
Employees can mark their wishes in Silverbucket with the help of tentative allocations.
This way everybody’s wishes are in the same place and can easily be handled together.

Additional sales in the project
Tentative allocations can be used when the project continues thanks to an additional sale. For example, according to the original plan, a project will complete at the end of January, but most likely it will continue until the end of March. Tentative allocations can be used to outline the resource plan and see the overall effects in a project.
Projects’ resourcing plans
The project managers can be given rights to make tentative allocations for the projects. Then the project managers can make the projects’ resourcing plans by using tentative allocations and with these the resource manager can accept or reject these allocations. In the People > Allocations, you can see the overall situation throughout the entire company.
Soft booking is not enabled by default in Silverbucket environments.  If you are interested in Soft booking, please have a look at this article.
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