Timesheet General Information [New timesheet]

You can enter the Timesheet by clicking on the main navigation bar's Timesheet header. The view has multiple sections:

- Registering hours for selected projects / tasks
- Registered hours information
- Functionalities
- Current hour balance
- Hour lock 

Registering Hours for Projects / Tasks

1) Choose the project and task from the dropdown lists
- Only the projects you are added as a resource will be visible.
2) Enter the amount of worked hours for the chosen field

Editing Visible Projects / Tasks

The project & task you have registered hours to are automatically marked as your favourite - the next time you enter this view those projects will be shown by default.

If you wish to edit which tasks are visible in the view, simply click either the eye icon (by hovering over the task) or the plus icon.

Two ways to hide unimportant tasks/projects from the view

User selection is a functionality for admins of Silverbucket. It allows the editing of others' actual hours and can also be used to adjust someone else's timesheet lock for example.

User selection

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