Timesheet General Information

Timesheet-functionality can be enabled/disabled for an environment.

You can enter the Timesheet by clicking on the main navigation bar's 'Timesheet' header. The view has multiple sections:

- Registering hours for new projects / tasks (circled in green)
- Registering hours for previously selected projects / tasks (circled in pink)
- Registered hours information (circled in red)
- Functionalities (circled in yellow)
- Automatic Save (circled in orange)
- Current hour balance (circled in blue)
- Hour lock (circled in black)

Registering hours for projects / tasks

1) Choose the project and task from the dropdown lists
- Only the projects you are added as a resource will be visible.
2) Enter the amount of work hours for the chosen day
3) Saving the hours is done by clicking enter on your keyboard, clicking the green Save hours button or by using the Automatic Save feature (circled in orange).

We're registering 8 hours of work for the task 'Boar' for the project 'Boar'

You can also register multiple values for multiple projects simultaneously; click on the gray area just next to the hour field for all the desired days / projects and choose the quick edit option located below in the view.

In this example we are registering hours for two separate dates on two separate tasks at once

Registered hours information

These values can be toggled on / off in Silverbucket, contact us at support@silverbucket.com if you could benefit from these.
Project's hour information (green color) & Personal hour information (red color)

Project's hour information (circled green)
- Actual hours registered / Hours allocated for the project.
241 registered hours / 578h allocated hours in the example above.

Personal hour information (circled red)
- visible week's registered hours are bolded (14,5 hours)
- total registered hours from this person for this task (240,5 hours) / total budgeted amount for this person on the project roles linked to this task (200 hours)

Editing visible projects / tasks

The project & task you have registered hours to are automatically marked as your favourites - the next time you enter this view those projects will be shown by default (circled in pink).

If you wish to edit which tasks are visible for you by default, you can use the Select tasks to timesheet functionality (circled in yellow). 

Editing the view to your liking

Show person selection is a functionality for admins of Silverbucket. It allows the editing of others' actual hours.

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