Resourcing with 'Quick Edit'

Silverbucket allows you to resource in two ways:

- Quick Editing, which is a rapid way to resource personnel for a project
- Using the Grid View, which allows you to dive a little deeper into the resourcing aspect

The 'Quick Edit' view allows you to select multiple slots and resource a percentage OR an hour amount for those slots.

There are a few things to consider when Quick Editing

- Make sure you have the correct view mode and allocation units selected (circled in pink color)
- Make sure you have the correct slots selected (circled with blue color)
- Decide the amount of resourcing to be made (circled with blue color):
A) Percentages (0% - 100% with 10% increments)
B) Hours for all these slots (for example inserting a value of '15' would put 15 hours for each slot you have selected.

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