Resourcing Requests

Resourcing request is a formal way of requesting people for your projects. You can create resourcing requests in two different ways:

1) By clicking 'Add a Request' from the main navigation bar

You can add requests from the main navigation bar

Mandatory fields are project and person / role. You can also add competency requirements to a request. After you click 'Make a request' the request will be delivered over to the admins / acceptors of Silverbucket.

All the requests can be listed in the main navigation bar's Requests > Listing -view (more below in this article).

2) By creating tentative allocations and requesting directly from project

If you have soft booking enabled you can create tentative allocations for the project. These allocations are indicated with striped slots in the project's dashboard when you have the correct viewing mode.

In this example we have 'Help & Manual User' soft booked as CEO and VP for the project
When you are satisfied with the created tentative allocations and want to make them a reality, hover over the role, click on the ellipsis icon and click on the 'Create a resourcing request from tentative allocations'.

By hovering over the person/role you get multiple different membership action options

This will create a pre-filled resourcing request based on the tentative allocations created for the project. In this view you can ensure the details are correct and send it forward for upper management to accept it.
You can choose the acceptor and write a note if you will

This request will be shown under the "Requests with tentative allocations" in the resourcing request -listing.
By first clicking 'Open Request' and then clicking 'Accept Request' we can finalize the resourcing

We can immediately see the changes in the Project's Dashboard, as well.
The CEO row (which we requested) consists of confirmed allocations (no more stripes)

Viewing All the Current Resourcing Requests

In the main navigation bar's Requests > Listing -view you can see the list of requests, manage them and see different statistics regarding the requests. Acceptors can approve or reject the request, and also update the resource plan simply by clicking allocate request.

Graph visualizing the situation of requests

This feature is not enabled by default. Admins of Silverbucket can activate it in the admin view under 'System Settings' tab.
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