Resourcing Log

During Spring 2020 the name was changed from 'Allocation notes' to 'Resourcing log'

As you make allocations you can simultaneously write a detailed log entry about the changes for others to see. These notes can be seen in the project's dashboard under 'Resourcing Log'.

Creating the Resourcing Log Entry

As you click on the green grid icon and start allocating, a field for adding a comment also disappears. You can type a comment in this field, make your allocations and by clicking 'Save changes' both the allocations and the note are saved in the system.

The grid view has a comment-section

Viewing the Log Entries

In the project's actions you can find the 'Resourcing Log ...' button, which opens a popup window
Written notes are found under 'Resourcing log ...' -button
In this view you can see all the comments written about that particular project

Example notes
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