Resourcing Conflicts in Silverbucket

Silverbucket has a feature that indicates whether or not a person has a resourcing conflict:
Resourcing Conflict Icon

This icon will show next to all the personnel that have overbooking situations in the future for any one date.

What Is Considered a Resourcing Conflict?

Any future date that has been resourced more than the overbooking threshold for a single person is shown as a conflict. The threshold can be adjusted from the Admin view under System Settings:
Admin view can be found under the top-right corner's ellipsis icon

Having the value of 105% means that any date that has a person more than 105% resourced will be considered a conflict:

In this example, when viewing in relative mode, 110% resourced Hill has a conflict icon next to her. Meanwhile Johnson is at 103% so she isn't considered at a conflict situation

This indicator will stay next to the person in Silverbucket's views until the situation is resolved.
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