Resourcing Conflicts in Silverbucket

Silverbucket has a feature that indicates whether or not a person has a resourcing conflict:
Resourcing Conflict Icon

This icon will show next to all the personnel that have overbooking situations in the future.

What Is Considered a Resourcing Conflict?

There are two things that are taken into consideration:
1) Overbooking threshold value
2) Your selected view mode (days, weeks, months, quarters)

Any admin can adjust the Overbooking threshold in the Admin view under System Settings:
In this example we have set the overbooking threshold at 105%

View mode is selected in Silverbucket's views from the top-right corner of the component.
In this example we have selected the Weekly mode

In this example Silverbucket will calculate all the future allocations created for the person and calculate whether or not that is over 105% in relation to their workday length for any week in the future.

In this example, when viewing in relative mode, 110% resourced Hill has a conflict icon next to her. Meanwhile Johnson is at 103% so she isn't considered to have a conflict

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