Resourcing Conflicts in Silverbucket

In February 2020 we brought a new way of spotting resourcing conflicts to Silverbucket; these are indicated with a conflict icon:

This icon will show next to all of the people and projects that have conflicts in the future

This icon will show next to all the personnel that have overbooking situations in the future.

What should be considered a resourcing conflict?

You can adjust the threshold for when the conflict icon is shown in your environment. This value can be adjusted in the Admin-view's "System settings"

Admin view can be found under the top-right corner's ellipsis icon

Having the value at '105' would mean that the person needs at least one day with more than 105% allocated to that person.

In this example, when viewing in relative mode, 110% resourced Hill has a conflict icon next to her. Meanwhile Johnson is at 103% so she isn't considered at a conflict situation

This indicator will stay next to the person in the Person's Dashboard and all of the project and Allocation listing views, until the situation is resolved.
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