Prospect Projects

There are two ways to separate prospect projects from production projects:

1) Probability value in Project's Dashboard
2) Soft booking (=tentative allocations)

Probability value & prospect projects

Every project that is marked with a probability of 0-99% is considered a prospect project.

The probability value can be used to represent the chances of the project coming true.

As projects are marked as prospect projects, you can use Silverbucket's filters to further differentiate these projects from actual in-production projects by using the project type filters.

With these filters we can sort all the projects that are marked with <100% probability

The Projects > Listing and Projects > Allocations -views indicate the probability of the project

An example of all the prospect projects in project > listing view from a test-environment

Soft booking & prospect projects

You can also use Silverbucket's soft booking -functionality to indicate the prospect-side of the project.

Resourcing the project with tentative allocations indicates that the resourcing is not "set in stone" and anything can happen with that project.

Tentative allocations made for a project to indicate a possible need for certain roles
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