Projects Views

Projects views enable you to see all the projects in a list and in a graph. You can narrow down the data based on your needs with a wide variety of filters.

Projects main graph can be viewed in different grouping types: by projects, by customers, by organization nodes and by categories.

Project report filters can be found above the graph and listing.
Filters allow you to pinpoint the data you wish to view

The two views for Projects are called 'Listing' and 'Allocations' and both of them serve different kinds of outlooks to the resource allocations from the projects' point of view.

Projects > Listing

Projects > Listing offers you a portfolio view and lists the projects based on chosen filters. The list can be viewed in different views: basic info, project numbers, risks and risk history.

Project listing view. You can easily view the project data of certain programs or categories based on your search choice. Exporting the data is also possible in .CSV and .XLSX 

Projects > Allocations

Projects > Allocations produces you a list of projects according to the chosen filters. The list offers you information about the project teams' resourcing needs and current allocations, and in the same list you can modify the resourcing situation.

List of projects and their project teams and allocations in Project > Allocations. The list sorts projects based on chosen filters. You can see project members and role needs for the specific project. You can also make allocations in this view and add multiple people to the project at the same time.

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