Projects Views

Projects views enable you to see all the projects in both a list and a graph. You can narrow down the data based on your needs with a wide variety of filters.

Filters can be found above the graph and listings.

- The two filter columns on the left (Common filters & Project type filters) narrow down the listed results.
- The two filter columns on the right (Project filters & Person filters) narrow down the resourcing data.
Wide range of different filters that come in handy when narrowing down the data

Projects main graph is just below the filters. It can be viewed in different grouping types: by projects, by customers, by organization nodes and by categories.
The two views for projects are called 'Listing' and 'Allocations' and both of them serve different kinds of outlooks to the resource allocations from the projects' point of view.

Projects > Listing

Projects > Listing offers you a view of your projects based on chosen filters. The list can be sorted in different ways by clicking the headers:

- Basic info
- Numbers (readiness, hour budget, actuals, reservations, expense budget)
- Risks (all the risks added for the project)
- Risk history (simple logging data regarding risk history)

You can also export the data in .CSV and .XLSX by clicking the export-icon located top-right of the listing.

Projects > Allocations

Projects > Allocations produces you a list of projects according to the chosen filters. The list offers you information about the project and current allocations. In the same list you can modify the resourcing situation for any of the projects visible.

The list sorts projects, project members and unassigned roles for all the projects based on your filters. You can also do resourcing in this view and - for example - add multiple people to the project at the same time.

Project's allocation view

You can also export the data in .CSV and .XLSX by clicking the export-icon located top-right of the listing.

In both of these views you can use the Project Mass Edit -tool to edit masses of projects at once.
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