Project's Basic Information

The basic information -section can contain various metadata regarding the project.

Make sure the 'Basic Information' is toggled on under "Select visible areas"

Basic Information

Customer = name of the project's customer
Program = if the project is part of a bigger concept, a program, it will be shown here
Project manager = name of the project's project lead
Organization = which organization is responsible for the project
Project schedule = the starting date and ending date for the project
Category = if the project is part of a category, it will be shown here
Portfolios = if the project is part of a portfolio, it will be shown here
Projecttags = if the project is tagged with a certain projecttag, it will be shown here


Financial values are used in various Project Numbers & Reports calculations.

Own income budget = a manually set amount of currency for own personnel
External income budget = a manually set amount of external currency for the project
Other income budget = a manually set amount of other income currency for the project
Own hour budget = an estimate of hours needed for the project
External hours budget = an estimate of external personnel's hours for the project
Currency = EUR,USD,SEK.. more currencies can be requested from
Project type = Select your desired project type: Invoicable / Non invoicable / Absence
Invoicing type = Select your desired invoicing type: Time & Material / Fixed / Price Ceiling


Manual degree of readiness = a manually set value about how complete the project is
Degree of readiness = An automatically calculated percentage value on how completed the project is. Follows the equation: actual hours / (own hour budget + external hour budget)
Priority = a manually set value how important the project is for your company
Extra code = a custom identifier for projects, used mostly by integrations
Project status = a manually set value between 0% (Archived) - 100% (Production) reflecting the chances of the project happening.
Description = a free text field for details about the project
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