Project's Allocations

At the bottom of the Project's Dashboard is the Project's Allocations view. In here you can modify the project's allocations. There are two possible ways to make allocations:
  • Painting with the mouse on the allocation grid
  • Selecting allocation slots and quick editing
Allocation view also holds additional functions to modify project members and their detailed information.

Project's Allocations

Project Member Details dialog

Project Member Details -dialog allows user to modify details of one specific project member. A project member can be a person or an unassigned role. The dialog can be accessed from the Project membership -list by hovering the mouse cursor over the desired project member and then clicking the pen icon. Project Member Details include following metadata for Project member:
  • Role
  • Status: Active or Passive
  • Internal / External
  • Role hourly rate in project's currency
  • Hourly rate efficiency multiplier
  • Role hour budget
  • Role organisation
  • Free text note

Project Member Details -dialog

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