Project Numbers

The project numbers on the project's dashboard offer numerical data based on allocations and given budgets. Some numbers comes automatically from the system as you make resource allocations and some data is managed manually. This article explains the values and actions that are managed manually. 

Income Budget

There are two ways to add the income budget.

An income budget can be added to a project and afterwards divided evenly to the project's months. This requires that the project schedule is added to the basic info of the project.

If you have a project schedule and a total income budget amount, you can add the income budget amount to the basic info (check the picture below). After adding the income budget, click the ellipsis icon (three blue dots) of the income budget on the project numbers. Choose "distribute to monthly income budget" which adds the income budget and divides it to the project months (based on the given project schedule)

Different budgets for a project

Another way to add the income budget is reverse to the one above. In this case you don't need to have a project schedule information in the basic info. You can add the monthly income straight to the income budget row in the project numbers. After you have added the values for each month, you can see the total amount on the right side of the table.
If you wish, you can shift the information also to the income budget in the basic info. This is done through the ellipsis icon on the project numbers and choosing "sum to own income budget". 

Hour Budget

You can add an hour budget to the basic info of the project (check the picture below). Currently it is not possible to distribute it from there to the project numbers. 
However, it is possible to add monthly hour budget on the project numbers. After adding the monthly hour budget values, the total hour budget is visible on the right. 

Own hour budget
If you wish, you can shift the total hour budget to the basic information through the ellipsis icon (three spots) on the project numbers and by choosing "copy to project total hour budget". The total hour budget information is now found also from the basic info.

Fixed Expenses

You can add and monitor the fixed expenses of the project. By clicking the blue "hamburger icon" on the project numbers, a popup will open where you can add, edit or delete fixed expenses. 

Payment Positions

The hamburger icon on the payment positions -row opens a modal in which you can create, edit or delete payment positions.


Invoiced row shows the total amount of invoices made for each month. The hamburger icon in this row gives a more detailed view of each invoice made, and allows editing and deleting of invoice rows. Deleting an invoice row releases connected payments and they appear back on the uninvoiced row.


In the uninvoiced row the hamburger icon opens a window for invoice creation. This window automatically creates row for uninvoiced payment positions and the actuals for chosen time range if any exist. Adding additional rows is also possible.
You can also create invoices by directly clicking an uninvoiced amount on the row. Like this it is possible to make invoice rows for all uninvoiced payment positions and actuals for the clicked month:
Clicking the number in Uninvoiced-row opens a Quick Invoice -modal

If you click a total value in the right, rows are created from current date till start of project:

Clicking the total value
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