Project Mass Edit

In the Projects > Listing and Projects > Allocations -views you can find a project action called 'Project Mass Edit'. This is a superb tool to edit multiple projects at once in Silverbucket according to your selection.

Project mass editing features 

You can edit the following attributes for your selection of projects with this tool:

- Project Manager
- Customer
- Probability (0-100%)
- Active / Archived
- Invoicable (Y/N)
- Start date of the project
- End date of the project
- Invoicing Type (Time & Material / Fixed Price / Price Ceiling)
- Project's organization

Using the Project Mass Edit

Example1: Changing the customer for multiple projects at once:

1) Navigate to Projects > Listing or Projects > Allocations  -view.
2) Filter the desired projects depending on the desired mass editing action. In this example we have filtered all the projects that are under our test program 'Knowledge / RAM'
3) As we can see from the screenshot we have three different customers marked for the projects. Our goal is to change the customer to "Help & Manual Customer" for all these projects:

To change the customer for these projects we can either choose them all and change the customer or just pick the two incorrect ones (Future Project & Inspection 777) and change them.

4) Select the projects that have the incorrect customer; in this case we're going to checkmark projects "Future Project 2019" & "Inspection 777", as they have an incorrect customer right now (circled with red in the above screenshot)
The checkmark indicates the project is selected. To select all listed projects at once (4/4 in this case), click on the checkbox above the listing circled with yellow color

5) After you are done with the selection, click on the 'Project mass edit' just above the listing which opens a new modal which allows you to select which entity to edit; in this case, 'Customer':

By clicking the '2 selected.' text you can see your selected projects in full text - make sure you have all the desired projects listed

6) As you click on the 'Customer' you get two options:
- Choose from an existing customer
- Create a brand new customer

In this case we are going to select the former one, and choose 'Help & Manual Customer'

You can edit multiple entities at once for all your selected projects

7) As we click 'Update' we can immediately see the results in the listing:

Example2: Archiving multiple projects simultaneously

1) Navigate to Projects > Listing or Projects > Allocations
2) List the desired projects you wish to archived. In this example, we have searched with the word 'Copy' so that we can archived all the projects that are copies of some other projects, as they are all unnecessary and not intentionally created.

By clicking on the checkbox above the listing we can choose every listed project with just one click.

3) In the 'Project Mass Edit'-window we click on the 'Active' slider (green circle). This opens up a marked checkbox, which needs another confirmation from the user to archive the selected projects.

The checkmark indicates the projects are active right now.

4) As we uncheck the box we receive a warning 'Inactivating removes all future reservations.' Future reservations are always swiped off when inactivating a whole project so make sure you are certain with your project choices!

When a project is archived all the future allocations are deleted.

5) After we click 'Update' all three projects are archived.
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