Personal Configurations

You can find the personal configurations settings by clicking the cogwheel icon in the main navigation bar. Inside you can find settings regarding notifications, events and interface in Silverbucket.

The most suitable configuration for you is usually found by experimenting; the default settings are an overall good choice for most users.

Event Settings 

Silverbucket has different events that trigger an alert for the user. How these alerts are transmitted to the user can be modified by expanding the Event Settings -view.
User's event settings found under the cogwheel icon

People will only receive email-notifications if they change their setting manually; in default configuration only alerts are used.

User Interface Settings 

Every user can modify their user interface in Silverbucket to a certain extent. The visual changes mostly consist of the amount of data to be shown in the interface (amount of resourcing slots & resources, tight layout).

You can choose if you want to scale allocations with projects' probabilities or if you want to use the classic allocation grid on a project dashboard. You can also choose "tight layout" which slightly compresses the layout. The amount of resourcing slots and resources can also be modified in this view.
User's interface settings found under the cogwheel icon

Tight layout compresses the view slightly when toggled.

Scale allocations with probability takes the probability rate of the project into account, modifying the allocations and graphs accordingly (this includes the grid view's burn-down chart also). Pretty much everything will be scaled after this setting is toggle on and therefore a disclaimer is also added to the UI:

Everything is scaled in the UI when you see this disclaimer in the bottom

Always show the allocation grid on project dashboard is not necessary to use in newest Silverbucket versions - the option toggles its visibility on the project dashboard as shown in the following picture:

An older feature 'Always show the allocation grid' in use
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