People Views

People Views 

Silverbucket's People-views allow you to see the overview of people's metadata and allocation data.

People > Listing gathers an overview of people metadata including name, default role, supervisor, organization, etc.

People > Allocations shows an overview of allocations grouped by people or unassigned roles.

People > Allocations -view

Filters in People > Listing and People > Allocations

There are multiple filters you can use to narrow down your search results

The filters in People views can be separated into two main categories:

- Filters that narrow down the people in the results (circled with orange, two columns on the left)
- Filters that narrow down the projects and allocations of the personnel (circled with blue, two columns on the right)

Under Person Filters and Person Type Filters we got a few that need explanation:

'Only direct subordinates' takes into account only the immediate lower layer of subordinates but not the subordinates of those personnel.

Example: We have a supervisor-hierarchy as follows:

> Supervisor1
>> Subordinate 1 (whose direct supervisor is 'Supervisor 1')
>>> Subordinate 2 (whose direct supervisor is 'Subordinate 1')

If we select the supervisor 'Supervisor1' into our filters and leave the slider as 'OFF', all three will be listed: Supervisor1, Subordinate1 & Subordinate 2

If we select the supervisor 'Supervisor1' into our filters and toggle the slider 'ON', only two of these will be listed: Supervisor1 & Subordinate1

Utilization range is explained further in this article.

Exclude absences from capacity can be used to negate the amount of resourcing done for absence projects from the total capacity. This extends to the graph and exports.

People > Listing

People > Listing is useful for browsing through different listings of people and checking multiple data fields in one view. By using the filters available you get a detailed overview of your personnel.

The list consists of all the people who fit to the search criteria. You can sort based on any listed data by clicking on the column header.

People > Allocations

People > Allocations produces you the overall situation of resource allocations and lists the people with their projects' allocations. The list shows every person’s total sum of allocations and the traffic light colors make it swift and easy to check the current resourcing situation.

In this view you can also update any person’s resource allocations on a specific project.

Miscellaneous & screenshots

Allocations main graph shows overview to the resourcing situation according to the filters.
Example list of people and their allocations in People > Allocations. 

You can make resource allocations by clicking the grid icon in the allocations view
The grid view for fast resourcing

More info about resourcing can be found under the Resourcing section.

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