Managing person's competencies

Person's competencies can be managed on Person's Dashboard. At the bottom of the dashboard you have a section called 'Competencies'.

Adding Competencies to a Person

Competencies can be added to a person by selecting the matching competency level for the competency. The default competency levels are: Basic, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. These can be adjusted depending on your needs.

'Quick edit all competencies' link opens the 'Edit all competencies' dialog. In this view you can manage all the competencies for a person in the current category with just a few clicks.

Navigating in the Competency Hierarchy

You can collapse competency categories by clicking on the little arrow icon found next to the category name. Competencies and categories can be also filtered with the 'Free text search' field which is located top-left of the Competency-view.

The 'Show only evaluated competencies' / 'Show all competencies link' shows or hides competencies based on your choice.

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