Locking Actual Hours

Anyone can lock their own timesheet in the Timesheet view by clicking on the lock icon:
Hover over the lock icon gives more information about the feature

Clicking the lock icon prohibits the person from registering actual hours for any project until that date:
A popup-dialog about the procedure. This will lock the hours until 15h of November

As you click Accept the fields before the chosen date are greyed out and can no longer be edited by the user:
These hours can no longer be edited. Hours before this week are locked, as well

Only admins of Silverbucket can re-open locked dates for other users. This can be done by choosing the user from Show person selection:
Clicking the 'Show person selection' brings out a drop down list

Admins can search for the desired user in the dropdown lists:
You can search for the person by name

Admins can re-click the lock icon again to allow the editing:
By clicking on the 14th of November, we can open that day and everything after it

Locking hours is useful for projects where the customer is billed based on the registered actual hours on a certain date.
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