Integrating Data with with Silverbucket's SYNC-view

By using the SYNC view located in the top-right corner, you can easily import big chunks of data to Silverbucket.
After clicking the green ellipsis icon, click 'SYNC'

The SYNC view is an extraordinarily useful and easy-to-use tool especially when changing from another software to Silverbucket. All of our integrations can be used by you at any time and any number of times. It is also a great tool if you are just testing the possibilities of Silverbucket in a trial-environment, for example.

Note: if you have customer-tailored integrations created specifically for you, please contact us directly if you have questions about them. These are indicated with the name of your company, for example "people-companyname-integration"

When importing data to Silverbucket it is vital to keep the structure identical to the example datasheet to ensure a flawless import:

- First row contains the names of the headers - it is not necessary to edit the first row.
- Second row is where your data starts to get imported
- Columns need to be in the same exact order as in the example excel
- Rows after the default structure's last column are never read / handled when importing

Ensure a flawless result when using multiple integrations

To achieve the best results when integrating with multiple data files and integrations please follow this order:

1) People or Extended-people
2) Customers or Extended-customers
3) Projects or Extended-projects
4) Competency

Default integrations in every Silverbucket environment

Customers & Extended-customers
People & Extended-people
Projects & Extended-projects

Hour-integration (enabled if requested,
Resourcing-integration (enabled if requested,

Supported file formats


Uploading something else for our support to handle

By using the 'send_excel' option you can send a .CSV or .XLSX file for our support to take a look at. This file is sent to us directly and we will take a look at the structure and approach you about the file if necessary. If you have any extra information about the files sent please include it in the files or send us an email to

You will be informed personally by email when the data has been imported to your Silverbucket environment.

send_excel option is located in the dropdown menu with all the other integrations
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