Finding and Resourcing the Available & Suitable People for Your Projects

There are a few ways to add people for your projects in Silverbucket. Choosing the best one comes down to preference but also depends on how much knowledge you have about your current resourcing situation:

A) For situations where you already know who you want to resource for the project the easiest way is from the Project's Dashboard or straight from that Person's dashboard

For situations where you aren't exactly sure who would be available or have the necessary skills for the project, the best approach is to use filters to your advantage and do the resourcing from the People views or Projects views

A) Adding People or Unassigned Roles in Project's Dashboard or Person's Dashboard

You can find the Add members to a project... button from the Project's Dashboard:

This button should be located just above the resourcing view

In the Person's Dashboard you can add projects by using the Add projects to a person.. button

This button is located just next to the resourcing view

Both of these are rapid approaches when you know that certain personnel are available and suitable for the project.

B) Adding People or Unassigned Roles in People or Projects Views

You can add people for your projects in any of the four People views or Projects views.

The 'Add members to a project' button is located just above the listings and below the graphs

Finding the Available Resource

You can use the filters in People > Allocations view to narrow down all the possible candidates. In this view you can see the person's overall workload and from which projects it consists of. You can use different search criteria to find available resources, such as:

- Utilization in the desired time range
- Competencies that the person needs to have in order to perform in this project
- Location, organization, usergroups...

Based on your search choices all the suitable people are shown and listed. If you filtered in the Allocations view, you can also see their current resourcing situation.

Multiple potential people to fulfill the role in this listing

Adding Multiple Suitable Resources for your Project

Once you have found the potential candidates for your project you can simply use the checkboxes in the left to add the desired personnel for your project.

To select everyone that IS listed use the checkbox in the top-left corner (circled with pink)

After you have selected the people you can click the Add members to a project.. button. In the upcoming view you should have pre-selected users listed for you and you get to decide for which project and with which role they should be assigned:

You can also clear the selection, or re-select the people by using the 'Use preselected users' option

After you click Add you have created 4 new project roles for your project. This can be seen straight from that Project's Dashboard:

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