How to Make Resource Allocations for Projects

Creating a Project Team

For creating the project team, there are few different options.

1) In the 'Project's dashboard' page, head over to the actions section and click “add members to a project”. Choose the users and roles that you want to add to the project and save the choice by clicking “add”.

Video: How to add resources to a project

2) In the Projects > Listing page or Projects > Allocation page, click “add to a project” from the actions and choose the users and the project and finish the action by clicking “add”. If you have pre-chosen some users (by ticking the boxes in front of the users), remember to click “use pre-selected users” so the system will update the option.
Actions are located above the allocation view

3) In the People > Listing page or People > Allocations page, you can add people to a projects by the same action as mentioned above.

After adding roles and/or users to the project, you are able to make resource allocations for them.

Finding the Available Resource

Using the filters in People > Allocations view you can get a quick glance and overview of possible candidates. In this view you can see the person's overall workload and from which projects it consists of.

You can use different search criteria to find available resources.

Make sure the filters are visible by adjusting the slider in top-right corner's 'Select visible areas'

Based on your search choices, all the suitable people are shown and listed together with their allocation situation. There are different colors that indicate how booked the person is.

Green indicates the allocation situation for that person is quite optimal, while red indicates a possible overload situation.

Making Resource Allocations to a Role or to a Person

There are two features for making resource allocations which are available in People > Allocations and Projects > Allocations, Person’s dashboard and Project's dashboard.

1) Green grid icon Whenever you see the grid icon, you are able to make resource allocation changes. By clicking the grid icon a resourcing view opens in which you can perform various resourcing actions. You can make any allocation changes on the grid by painting with your mouse and clicking 'Save changes'. 

White color indicates free capacity for the selected user. Pink color shows other work in other projects. Blue refers to the workload for this specific project. 

2) Quick Editing Quick editing is done by clicking on a resource slot. A popup window called “Quick edit allocations” appears in the bottom of the screen in which you can choose the new allocation load level. It is possible to choose multiple slots and give one new allocation load level to the selection of your choice.

Creating Roles that Can be Used as Unassigned Role Reservations in Projects

In order to add just roles for a project, you need to first add the desired roles to the system, which requires admin rights. Admins can perform this action in the admin page by clicking the "roles" tab in which you can add and manage roles. If you can't see the admin page please contact your organization's Silverbucket main user.

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