Highlighting Special Projects

Spring 2020 brings us a new feature that allows us to tag projects as "special projects" in Silverbucket. Once projects are tagged as special the resourcing boxes receive a little black dog ear in the top-left corner.
An example of a special project and its allocations

The conflict icon next to the person listing is explained further in this article.

Setting Up Special Projects

In the admin view you can create project tags. In our example below we have named it 'Highlight Tag':
You can name yours as you wish :)

When editing the tag you can add the corresponding projects to that project tag. This can also be done in the Project's Dashboard.

By using the slider 'Highlight projects allocations bound to this tag' every allocation made for these projects gets black little dog ear in the top-left corner.
By hovering over the question mark you get more information about the feature

Every resourcing box now receives a little icon to indicate the specialty of the project:

Dog ear is added to both unassigned roles and personnel

In a bigger picture this can really help you identify certain kinds of projects. For example when viewing a Person's Dashboard (Gaerbo, Jan in this example case) we get a clear view about the highlighted project:

You can internally decide what the dog ear represents in your company
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