In-Depth: Getting an Overview / Utilization Rate of a Specific Target

Before you proceed make sure you have added the necessary basic information regarding user groups, locations, supervisors etc for your people. More info in the attachment below:

organize-info.pdf 67.75 KB

Utilization rates for a specific group of people

You can use any metadata for filtering in the People > Allocations view.

- organization node
- user group
- role
- location
- etc etc

You can even combine all of these together to pinpoint the results.
Multiple filters can be combined together to pinpoint certain personnel

Once you have selected your filters (for example filled in the user group and location fields in your filters) click 'Update Report' and the resourcing view should change accordingly:

Project's utilization rates from specific Project Manager's point of view

You can also filter the projects based on any of the project leaders in the Projects > Allocations view. To do this, simply insert the project leader into the 'Select a project manager' field and click 'Update Report'.

Right here we are filtering to see only the projects that have their project manager set as 'Help & Manual User'

Like any other filter this filter can be combined with any other filters found in the view.
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