Extensive Project Report

Extensive Projects report is a useful tool for tracking the actual hours registered in Silverbucket from various perspectives:

- Projects
- Projects by person
- Projects by task
- Projects by tasks by persons
- Projects by persons by tasks
- Persons by projects

Basic information

- Hours are shown in months.

- If the 'Show by currency' is checked in the search filters the hours are converted to currency based on hours and pricing. In order to show the data in currency both the project AND the task need to be set as "Invoicable".

Exporting data will always export both in hours and in currency.

- The column estimated represents the hours estimated (located under Project's Tasks -action button) for the project's tasks.

Monthly hours for a project named 'Help & Manual project'

By first setting the filters and then using the tabs according to your needs, you can dig deep into the project's actual hours and see where the time was spent:

Total hours spent by personnel on this project showing. We can see that 'Help & Manual User' spent the most hours on this project; on the contrary 'Allmon Dennis' only spent 1/5th of that.

Hours shown per tasks. We can see that the 'Documentation & Writing' took 2,5x more work compared to the task 'General work'

Report allows you to dig deeper into an employees hours, if necessary

Using the 'Persons by projects' -option you can see the actual hours of certain users by projects. This can be a powerful tool for checking a whole department that are marked in a specific organization, for example.

Employee 'Help & Manual User' has worked in multiple projects simultaneously, working over 200 hours in June in different projects
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