Exporting Holiday Lists from Silverbucket

Exporting holiday lists from Silverbucket can be done in two ways. The first one is useful if you have only one single project for holidays. The second option is useful if there are multiple holiday projects and all of them are marked as absence projects.

Exporting a Specific Holiday Project 

In the Projects > Allocations page you can type the name of your holiday project in the free text search field found in the Common Filters section. As you click Update report the list below shows you an easy-to-read holiday list, which you can also export over to Excel if needed.

Exporting Multiple Absence Projects

In the People > Allocations view you can list all the allocations made for projects marked as Absence. Using the Project Filters section you can choose to list only these projects:
Project type filters

If you need to narrow down the list you can use other filters in addition to these, such as person filters
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