Exporting Competencies from Silverbucket

This feature is not visible by default. If you feel like this could help with your resourcing, you can reach us by emailing support@silverbucket.com

Spring 2020 brings us a brand new exporting functionality which can be accessed from the People > Allocations -view:

The export icon is located in the top-right corner of the resourcing view

Data will always be identical to the filters and search results found in the UI, so feel free to use your favorite filters to have the perfect export file according to your needs.

When exporting you get to decide from which date onward the allocation data should be exported: the export will always include the start date's week and twelve (12) weeks onward.

Note: export will form data 12 weeks onward from the chosen start date

The export lists the following data by default:

External ID = External ID, found in the Person's Dashboard
Full name = First name & Last name
List of Competencies = All the competencies added for the person, found in Person's Dashboard. Competencies are listed from the most skilled competency to the least skilled competency. The competency level's grade is indicated in brackets just after the name of the competency)
Site = Site, found in the Person's Dashboard
Supervisor = Supervisor's name, found in the Person's Dashboard
Weekload = 5 * Workday Length, found in the Person's Dashboard
Weekly allocations = Allocations for the user, twelve (12) weeks onward depending on the inserted start date when exporting).

So, an example would be something like this:

The competencies are listed from the most skilled to the least; person's every competency is listed
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