Categorizing Projects in Silverbucket

Silverbucket offers different ways to categorize projects depending on your needs. You can get the overview you need by choosing the right program, portfolio, category and project tag. These are not mandatory but they come in handy when filtering projects.

Program is best used for projects that are considered as sub projects. Program is usually perceived as an "umbrella project".

Portfolio is the best option when you have project portfolios and you want to sort through those.

Category suits well for organizations who want to individualize projects. Some examples could be "development projects" or "maintenance projects" etc.

Project tag is a more free-formed way to categorize projects. One example of project tags could be "Major projects" and "Small projects".

Choose the right project filters to get the desired overview.
Example filters
Project filters are most useful in the Project > Listing page. After choosing the desired filters just enjoy the project overview. If necessary, you can export the data to excel as well.

Adding the category, portfolio or projecttag

Program, portfolio, category and project tag can be set in the Project's Dashboard in the basic information section.:

Creating a Program

You can create a new program by clicking 'Projects' in the main navigation bar. In the opening list you will find 'Add a program' -button which will open a popup window asking for more information about the new program. 

How to create a new portfolio, category or project tag

If you can't find the right option and you need to add a new alternative, you can just start typing the new name in the text field and after that click 'Add new and save'.

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