Competency Management in Silverbucket

Competency management in Silverbucket has two main purposes:
  • Adding competencies to persons and competency requirements to unassigned roles
  • Finding the talent with matching competencies
Other main features include filtering persons with competencies, adding competencies to categories, creating a hierarchy from categories and defining the level of competency when adding competencies to a person. Silverbucket administrators can add and modify competency levels.

Managing Competencies for a Person

You can manage competencies in the Person's Dashboard.

Make sure you have the competencies section visible under 'Select visible areas'

In the competencies-section you will find competencies available for choosing. These are maintained by the main users / admins of Silverbucket.

You can set the competency by clicking on the number just right of the desired competency; you can also use the 'Free text search' found in the top-left of the competency-view to narrow down your results.

We have sorted all the skills with the word 'Support' in them. Afterwards, we have set our "Business Support" level into '3', "Client Support Service" into '5' etc

If a competency is missing or the scale is incorrect in your environment you can contact your main user of Silverbucket.
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