Cash Flow

Cash flow

Consists of three sections: Budget Numbers / Follow up / Invoicing Forecast

The Cash Flow -report gathers projects' invoicing forecasts which can be grouped by projects, customers or project managers.

Budget Numbers

Income budget = 
Own income budget + External income budget + Other income budget (Project's Dashboard, Financials section)

Invoiced =
Amount of invoiced money (Project's Dashboard, same number as the Project Numbers -table offers)

Uninvoiced =
(Income Budget + External Income Budget + Other Income Budget) - Invoiced

Realized hours =
Total actual hours for the project (Registered in the system through the Timesheet functionality or via integration)

Expenses =
Amount of fixed expenses (Project's Dashboard, same number as the Project Numbers -table offers)

Invoiced /h =
Amount of invoiced currency / actual hours registered for the project

Uninvoiced work =
Invoiceable actuals that are not yet invoiced (shown in currency)

Example data of Cash Flow -report
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