Budget Tracking by Projects

Budget tracking by projects displays the projects' income budgets compared to actual hours and future allocations.


Income budget EUR = The budget set for the project (in project's dashboard)

Allocations EUR = Allocations made for the project * Hourly Rate set in 'Edit forecast prices'

Realizations EUR = Actual hours registered for the project * Price set for these actual hours in 'Price Models'

Delta EUR has two formulas depending on viewing mode
  1. Time slot is present day or in the past = actual hours - income budget for the slot
  2. Time slot is in the future = allocations - income budget for the slot
Cumul. delta EUR = cumulative amount of the previously calculated Delta EUR

Color Coding

The values of Allocations and Realizations(=actual hours) are compared to budget (if no budget is set, report is colorless) and colored according to the formula below.
Note: "realizations" & "actuals" are the same thing.
Values are color-coded to easily spot possible budget inaccuracies


(allocations - budget) / ((allocations + budget) / 2) *100%


(actuals - budget) / ((actuals + budget) / 2) *100%

This value is then compared to the table below to give the corresponding color
< 10%
10% - 20%
20% - 40%
> 40%

Negative percentage values are converted to positive values.
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