Allocation Notes

Spring 2020 brings us a new type of allocation note which is shown directly in the resourcing view. This is shown with a little blue corner icon in the corresponding date's resourcing slot

Weeks 14 and 15 withhold some sort of note for the roles 'Architect' & 'CEO'

The note is always shown in the corresponding date's resourcing slot.

Creating an Allocation Note

Allocation notes are always created for a single project role and they can be created for any project member or unassigned role.

You can write a note regarding the project role by hovering over the desired role, clicking on the ellipsis icon and then choosing the 'Allocation Notes' option from the list:
We are creating an allocation note for the unassigned role 'Support Specialist'

As you click on the 'Allocation notes' a new window opens up where you can specify the note and information about that project role

Start by clicking 'Add a new note'

You can decide the date and note in the upcoming window and write your desired note. Once you have selected the date and written the note, click 'Save'

An example note regarding the Support Specialist -role

The note will be shown in that project role's 'Allocation Notes' window. There can be multiple notes for a single role for different dates:

By hovering over a longer note you can see the entire text written

These notes will be shown in their corresponding dates. If we inspect the resourcing situation in weekly mode we can see the weeks that have notes written:

We can see the weeks that have notes written for them

If we look at the resourcing situation in daily mode we can see the notes with even more precision, for example the weeks 14 & 15:

March 30th, April 8th as specified in the screenshots above
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