Quickstart Guide

Getting started with Silverbucket is swift and effortless with only four quick steps.

1) Add People and Projects

To start making allocations, you need to have people and projects in Silverbucket.  You can add both of them in Silverbucket by clicking on either the "People" or "Projects" -button in the main navigation bar (found in the top with a black background) and by clicking the "Add a person" or "Add a project" -button afterwards.

Adding people and projects can be done in the main navigation panel

2) Create Your Project Team and Start  Making Resource Allocations

You can find your project by using the search function in the main navigation bar or by using the Project > Listing -view. Once you have navigated to your project's dashboard you can start adding people (or unnamed roles) for your project by clicking the "Add to a Project" action.

Adding members is done by clicking the green button under the "Actions"-section

After the people (or unnamed roles) are added to your project, you can start making allocations for them. One allocation box and the number inside the box will always represent the chosen time mode and view mode on the resource grid. You can change these from the top right corner of the allocation grid.

Once you have chosen the modes to suit your needs, you can start making allocations by clicking on the allocation boxes or by clicking on the green grid icon found in the left. The grid icon opens a resourcing grid and in this view you can highlight the wanted allocations. Remember to save the changes!

The resourcing grid -icon and view mode / edit type -mode

3) Make Resource Allocations for Unnamed Roles

Unnamed roles are useful when it is yet unknown who will perform the work but you know the amount of work needed. Later on you can name the allocations for a certain person. To use this feature to the fullest you will need to create the desired roles in the system. Creating new roles is done from the admin page. Click the Ellipsis icon (top right corner on the main navigation bar) and choose "admin". In the "Roles" tab you can start creating roles.

Adding roles in Silverbucket

4) Find a Free Resource and Get the 'Big Picture'

Best way to look for a free resource is the "People Overview" page which is found from People > Allocations. The graph shows you the capacity of the chosen filter group and below it you can find a list of the chosen group of people. This view offers two pieces of vital information: the total allocation situation in the organisation and the workloads of the people on an individual level.
Bird's eye view of the resourcing situation

For a more visual approach you can also check out our video guide

Want to learn more?

For further learning head over to our full version manual. If you have questions, please contact first your organisation's Silverbucket main user.

In case of a technical problem, please contact our support team (support@silverbucket.com).

If you are new with Silverbucket and testing it for the first time, our sales team is here to help you to get the best experience of Silverbucket. If you have questions or want a demo, please contact our sales: sales@silverbucket.com or tel. +358 40 680 6860.
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