Main Views in Silverbucket

All of the main views in Silverbucket are located in the main navigation bar. The main navigation bar contains valuable oversights, such as the listing & allocations for both people and projects , the person's dashboard and personalization options.

Detailed information about these views are found under the Instructions-section



Main Navigation Bar

The main navigation bar can always be found from the top of screen.
It consists of multiple features (listed from left to right):

Logo and person icon

Silverbucket-logo and the person-icon takes you to your own dashboard.

Main navigation bar's headers

People, Projects, Customers, Requests, Timesheet and Reports take you to the corresponding views. Note: these headers can be configured environment-specifically, combinations might vary.

Main navigation bar's tools and options

Quick search allows you to search basically anything in the system swiftly. 

Cogwheel icon is used for personal configurations inside Silverbucket such as default layout, sending of e-mail notifications etc

Process instructions icon takes you to a separate website which usually contains company's internal instructions (this can be configured by admins of Silverbucket in the admin view under 'System settings' called 'Process Instructions URL')

Document icon takes you to Silverbucket's Help & Manual (this very same website)

Notifications icon tells you the amount of notifications directed for you - by clicking it you can see more detailed information about them. Notification settings can be configured by clicking the cogwheel-icon.

Ellipsis icon in the top-right corner has multiple options depending on your user rights.

- Preferred language (suomeksi, svenska, in english)
- Password change
- Admin-view

VIDEO: Navigating in Silverbucket
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