Workday Length, Calendars & Hour Balance

User's hour balance is calculated based on three values found in the Person's Dashboard:
- Employment Start Date
- Workday Length
- Active calendar

Our user has worked 7,5 hours starting from March 1st, 2019. The Finnish holiday calendar is in use.

Silverbucket's basic equation for calculating any user's hour balance:

If you or your colleague change the workday length in Silverbucket the hour balance will most likely show an incorrect value; this is because the hour balance is always calculated with the same logic. If you wish to change the workday length for some user starting from a specific date, please contact our support with the following information and we'll take care of the rest:

- Whose workday length changes (person's name or email)
- What's the new length of the workday (for example 7,5 hours -> 6,0 hours)
- When the change takes place (specific date such as 1st of February)

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