What are User Groups & Authorization Groups? How Do I View and Edit them?

User Groups

User Groups are metadata that can be added for your personnel. User groups can be used to separate different departments from each other - you can even use them to separate different office cubicles' personnel from each other, if you wish.

Authorization Groups

Authorization Groups can provide an additional layer of user rights in Silverbucket environments. Authorization Groups are created by us here in Silverbucket support. After a group is created we will provide additional information on how they work and how they should be administered.

Adding and removing members from User Groups & Authorization Groups can be done by any admin in your Silverbucket environment. This can be performed in the admin panel.

1) Navigate to the admin panel and choose User Groups or Authorization Groups:
The admin-view is only visible for admins of Silverbucket

2) Choose the desired group and click Edit:
In this example we're using the UserGroup '[1] Architects' and wish to add a user there

3) In the opening window you can see the already added personnel and make adjustments straight in the dropdown list. Remember to click Save:
Here we had a person already added to the group; we also added the user 'Support user' to the group

Special Sliders in Authorization Groups 

Authorization Groups can be added instantly for new users. Selected authorization group can be added to the user based on the employment type information (Own / External) as the user is created:
Make sure you don't hand out too many user rights with these sliders!
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