FAQ - Trial Environment

As you download your trial the system automatically sets your trial environment to last for one month (30 days). During this period you can test, tweak and try things out in your environment as you want and get an overall feeling why Silverbucket is the number one resourcing tool in the market right now.

What does the "Clear environment." button do?

Clearing the environment does exactly what it implies; allows you to start with a fresh environment (all the data is wiped off; countdown timer remains the same). Use this with caution, as it will delete everything from the environment including projects, allocations and all the other users.

Can I test Silverbucket's integrations with .CSV or .XSLX files in the trial environment?

Every test environment has our default integrations setup for them.

Can I make the trial period last longer?

Usually one of our sales personnel has approached you before the trial closes. Feel free to have a chat with them about anything regarding the trial environment - this also includes extending the trial environment. In most cases this is certainly possible :)

Can the environment be kept as is if I decide to continue using Silverbucket?

Yes, this is definitely possible. All the current data can be kept and you can continue using the same Silverbucket if you decide to purchase the service.

The location of the environment (URL) can also be changed to a more familiar one, if you wish:

Before: https://trial-GeneratedRandomName.agbucket.com
After: https://companyname.agbucket.com

Feel free to contact our sales or support if you have any questions regarding the trial.
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