My email and password are correct, but I still can't log into Silverbucket

There can be a few things causing this. Together with your organization’s Silverbucket main user, first check that your account can be found from the system. The user account has a few login prohibiting values, change the values accordingly if they are incorrect:

  • You have the username and email address filled in correctly for your account
  • Your employment date has started & end date has not expired
  • Your account is marked as active
In this screenshot the job has started (Jan 2, 2016) and there is no end date, so we are all good on that department. The e-mail is also written correctly. However, the activity information is set as 'Passive' which will prohibit the person from logging in. Silverbucket's administrators can fix this through the dashboard.

If problems still persist, please make sure you are logging in from the correct web address. Every company has their unique Silverbucket URL and without the correct URL it is not possible login to your Silverbucket account.

The URL is usually in the form of

If everything in this article is checked and you still can't log in, please contact our support (
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