I want to de-activate a person but I already allocated her. How do I proceed?

When de-activating a person, Silverbucket allows you to transfer the person's allocations for an unassigned role in the project.

In this example our person named "Test Person" no longer works for us. We had already allocated this person to the project called "Bridges & Dams". This workload will be needed in the future, so it would be clever to move this over to an unassigned role at this point.

Test Person is allocated for seven different days for the project

1) Let's start by navigating over to the Person's Dashboard and clicking 'Edit person'

The 'Edit Person' view is located in the top-right corner

2) In the opening view we have information about the person. Right side of the dialog we have a slider 'Active' which can be switched off. This deactivates the person (= makes the person passive).

De-activating this slider activates another slider called 'Transfer future allocations for roles'  which allows us to transfer allocations for an unassigned role.

As the 'Active' slider is set off, a warning text will appear in the left side of the window which indicates the future allocations should be taken into account.
Make sure you have activated the proper slider before clicking 'Save'

3) Once we have switched the 'Active' slider OFF and the 'Transfer future allocations for roles' ON and click 'Save', Silverbucket moves the allocations to an unassigned default-role for the project.

4) Simultaneously the person is set as passive, which is indicated in the Person's Dashboard
We have succesfully de-activated the person

5) In the project's dashboard we can see the allocations have been moved over to an unassigned role called 'Project Member'

This unassigned role's allocations can further be re-allocated with Silverbucket's 'Move to...'-features

To move these allocations to another person later on, you can use the Membership Actions.
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