I can't see anything in the People & Listing views even though my filters are fine - why?

There are usually two reasons for this:

1) Your user rights prohibit you from seeing the results

If you see the results as "NO RESULTS" the user rights are probably prohibiting you from seeing the results. Default user rights can be found here.

2) You don't have all the areas visible in that specific view

Another common incident is that the areas are hidden by the user manually - this is usually the case if you can't even see the section and the text "NO RESULTS". All the visible areas in the views can be modified through the 'Select visible areas' button found just below the main navigation bar from the top-right corner:

This screenshot was taken from the People > Allocations view which holds the filters as well

By clicking the 'Select visible areas' you can decide which entities are shown in the view with simple sliders; green+white means VISIBLE and white+gray means INVISIBLE

With these settings we are seeing everything but the personnel that are marked as 'Future talents' in the people > allocations view

Select visible areas -sliders and their settings are saved for your account.

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