What is the function of Capacity in Person's Dashboard?

Apart from Silverbucket's Timesheet-functionality which only tracks the 'Workday Length'-value, 'Capacity' can be considered as a multiplier for 'Workday Length'. It is used for the yellow area in the Overview-graph which, in simple terms, answers to question: 'How would the situation look if this person had only x percent of their capacity".

Capacity only affects the capacity values in graphs; not the expectancy of actual hours, for example

A use case for this would be a person that works 7,5 hours a day but for only 4 days per week and we are only interested in tracking the Scaled Capacity values in Silverbucket. In this scenario the workday length could be set as 7,5 hours and simultaneously the capacity could be set to 80% to indicate the person's realistic capacity.

Note: in the above example the Timesheet-feature would still require 37,5 hours of actual hours from the person, as it only uses the Workday Length in its calculations.

The capacity is not taken into consideration in the Allocations-views or reports unless stated otherwise in the view; the overall resourcing colors are compared only to the workday length in Person's Dashboard.
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