How do I use the visibility filter in Person's Dashboard or Project's Dashboard?

Person's Dashboard & Project's Dashboard have a visibility filter which you can use to hide/show certain information in that page. This can be especially useful if you have multiple passive roles or just wish to see certain people's information regarding that topic.

The filter can be found just left to the resourcing view, next to the resourcing situation:
The blue color of the filter indicates that it is currently in use

Using the visibility filter

The filtering choices are always saved for the user in other view as well. This means that if you use a filter in Person's Dashboard, it will be applied to Project's Dashboard afterwards also.

The filter icon turns blue if any of the filters are in use.
If no filters are being used (all the data is visible) the filter icon will be gray.

You can filter in a few different ways:

1a) Show also passive roles
which shows both active and passive data in the view
1b) Show only active roles which hides all the data that is passive in the view

2a) Show also unallocated which will show all the data, even if it has no resourcing yet
2b) Show only allocated which will show only the data that already has a resourcing plan

3) Free text filtering which allows you to filter data according to your text string

Click on the filter icon to see your options

Common problems surrounding the subject

A) One common example is when a user is using the 'show only with allocations' filter and can't see any of the newly added projects. This is because the filter prevents seeing all the projects that have zero allocations for that person.

B) Another example when this filter can be causing questions is when the total allocation row shows allocations, but the project listing doesn't show for which project, as shown below:
Our example user 'Support User' is resourced January - April 2019, but we can't see for which project.

In the example above we have filtered all the passive roles from the resourcing view. However, the allocations are in the past so they were not deleted when passivating the role (user's choice) and are still shown in the total row to indicate this.
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