How Do I Use the Visibility Filter in Person's Dashboard or Project's Dashboard?

Person's Dashboard & Project's Dashboard have a visibility filter which you can use to hide/show certain information in that page.

The filter is located top-right corner of the memberships section:
The red color of the filter indicates that it is currently in use

Using the Visibility Filter

The filter icon is red if it is in use.
The filter icon is gray when not in use.

You can filter in a few different ways:

1a) Show also passive roles
= shows both active and passive data in the view
1b) Show only active roles = hides all the data that is passive in the view

2a) Show also unallocated = show all the rows, even if there is no resourcing yet
2b) Show only allocated = show only the rows that are already resourced

3) Free text filtering allows you to filter data according to given text string

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Common Problems Surrounding the Visibility Filter

A) One common example is when a user is using the Show only with allocations filter and can't see any of the newly added projects. This is because the filter prevents seeing projects that are not yet resourced.

B) Another example when this filter can be causing questions is when the total allocation row shows allocations, but the project listing doesn't list the projects:

Our example user 'Support User' is resourced November 2019 - August 2020, but we have filtered the projects from the view by using the 'show only active roles' option

In the example above we have filtered all the passive roles from the resourcing view. However, the allocations are in the past and they were not deleted from the system as the user was set passive.
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