How do I use a Filter Set?

Filter Sets can be used to save your favorite filters and search combinations in Silverbucket's views. Just below the top-right corner you can find a functionality to create, save and use Filter Sets.
The 'Filter Sets' functionality is located just below the main navigation bar, right side of Silverbucket

By clicking on the 'Filter Sets' you can see your previously created personal filters & public filters created by other Silverbucket users.

In this instance we have zero filter sets created - feel free to create your commonly used ones!

Creating a new Filter Set

To create a new filter set, you should first navigate to a view where filters can be used. Do note that the filters are shared between similar views:

People > Listings & People > Allocations share the same filter sets with each other
Projects > Listings & Projects > Allocations
share the same filter sets with each other
never shares filter sets with other views
never share filter sets with other reports or views

In this example we have used the People > Listing -view for demonstration.

1) First we should experience around the filters to get the desired results in the listing below. For this example we're interested in seeing all the people in Silverbucket, that are:

- In the user group called 'Electricians'
- Country is 'Finland'
- Work under the supervision of a person named 'Supervisor Colleague'

Described filters are indicated with orange color

2) As we click 'Update Report' the results are as follows:

A perfect listing according to rules we gave in step 1

3) We are satisfied with the listing and we will need it weekly from now on. We should save this Filter Set for future purposes to avoid doing the same filtering every week.

4) Saving the filter set can be done in two ways after filtering the desired results in the main view:

A) Clicking straight on the disk icon
B) Clicking on the 'Filter Sets' and then clicking 'Create new Filter Set'

Both of these options open the same dialog, which allows us to specify details about the filter
Dialog window pops up - here we can fill in details about the filter

5A) Name of the filter: mandatory.
5B) Privacy-slider: decide if this filter can be seen only by you, or by everyone using this view.
5C) Description: further specify what this filter can be used for.

Keep name short if possible; description takes care of the details

As you click on 'Save' the filter is saved in the database. After saving it can be used in a similar view it was created by the user or everyone in Silverbucket, based on the privacy slider (5B).

In the following screenshot we have multiple filters created: one personal filter & multiple public filters. These can be used in Silverbucket to hasten any recurring reporting needs by a huge margin.

In this screenshot we have 1 personal & 3 public filters to use to our advantage

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