How Can I create a read-only token for API use?

1) Create a user in your Silverbucket environment. You can name the user anything, for example "API User Read-Only" to make the user's purpose clear. At this point it is not yet necessary to adjust the user rights or the stealth-attribute.

You can name the API User as you wish

2) Add the user in your environment's Authorization Group called 'Full Access Read-Only'. Authorization groups are located and administered in the admin view.

By clicking 'Edit' you can adjust the people in the corresponding authorization group

Choose your API User from the drop down list

3) Head over to your environment's Token Management -section in System Settings in the admin panel. By clicking 'Create token' you can create a token for the user you created earlier.

More info on token creation can be found from our user manual (linked in the above text)

4) Optional: you can set the API user as Stealth, to avoid it confusing other users or listings in Silverbucket
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