How do I remove someone's data from Silverbucket? (GDPR)

The employee's data is critical for the business, so it is not necessary to delete her from Silverbucket (GDPR-proof practice). 

However, if you are looking for a way to remove a person from Silverbucket without removing the critical resource data, you can. We don't recommend deleting anyone from the system as it will delete also her resource allocations and hour tracking data as well.

The primary solution is that the main users of Silverbucket deactivate the account from the admin page or from the person's dashboard. Passive users can still be viewed within the interface but making the user account passive and marking it as 'stealth' will hide the account from all the views & listings.

The secondary solution can be performed with the newest versions of Silverbucket (April update 2019), which includes the option to hard delete a person from the system (admins). This is done from the corresponding dashboard. We strongly suggest using this feature carefully, as it will delete all the data related to it.

If you want to remove a person without removing her resource data, just rename the resource (person) in Silverbucket. Make sure you delete the person's email and change the name and username. You can use any random way to rename. Remember to deactivate the person as well. 
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