I can see allocations for a person but not the specific project

Silverbucket's allocation views have a visibility filter which you can use to hide passive projects and projects for which the person is not yet allocated. It also has a free text field -filter for pinpointing purposes.

Our example user 'Support User' is resourced January - April 2019, but we can't see for which project.

This filter is indicated with a little filter icon, which turns blue if it is in use.
Gray icon means no filters are being used, and all the data is visible for the user.

The filter icon is located next to the other membership action -buttons.

You have three options under this filter:
- Free text filtering; a free text field to filter based on its results
- Show also passive roles / Show only active roles
- Show also unallocated / Show only with allocations

Use any of the three options to filter your results.

The choice is saved for the user and carried over to other sites on Silverbucket as well, so make sure your filters are in the desired position if you have any visibility problems when resourcing.

As we choose the 'Show also passive roles' we can see that 'Support User' had an archived project called 'Manufacturing 101' which has him involved fully in our time span.

This filter is found in every listing that has allocations in Silverbucket.
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