How can I re-activate or completely remove a passive person from my project?

In Silverbucket's spring 2020 update we have introduced the possibility to re-activate passive project roles for a project. This update also allows you to permanently delete a person from a project.

Re-activating Person for Your Project

Passive project roles are indicated with a strike through name in the Project's Dashboard (make sure your filters are not narrowing down the list):

"Help & Manual User" was once in this project, but we decided to archive him at some point

By hovering over the passive user a trashcan icon & pen icon appear.

Hovering over grants us a few functionalities in the dashboards

Pen icon allows us to edit details about the corresponding role. The 'Active' slider is toggled off because we have set the user as passive for the project.

There are multiple data fields that can be edited under the pen icon

To re-activate the person we simply adjust the 'Active' slider as such:

Green = good

Afterwards the person should be listed in the Project's Dashboard again, and we can start resourcing.

We can start resourcing 'Help & Manual User' again

Completely Removing a Person from Your Project

As you hover over the passive person you can select the trash icon to completely remove the person from the project. It grants you three options:

The first option is probably the one how the person ended up passive in the first place

By choosing the 'Remove the current role including history allocations' you can permanently remove the person from your project. This is a good solution if the person was mistakenly added to the project, or if the data in the history will never be important in some cases.
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