A colleague can't log in - A guide for Silverbucket main users

How to activate a passive user - a guide for Silverbucket main users.
In addition to the user filling incorrect credentials in the login screen, there are two info fields that can prevent a user from logging into a Silverbucket environment:
1)      Job end date is in the past
2)      User is marked as inactive
If any of the cases is true, the user will have a “Login failed” -notification:
If the login credentials are correct and the user still can’t log into Silverbucket, the main users / admins are able to make changes in the previously mentioned fields by navigating over to the Person's Dashboard. In the example below we want to activate a person named "A Passive User"

1) Use the Quick Search and search for the person

Quick search is found in the main navigation bar

In this example we know that the person has the name 'User' set in Silverbucket, so we use this metadata to search for the desired person. In the bottom we can see our test subject, so we click on her.

Passive search results are dropped to the bottom of the list; if you have too many results, try using more detailed search phrases

Activating the person can be done by changing the status in the 'Basic Info' section on the dashboard, or by clicking the 'Edit Person' -button.

You can adjust the 'User Activity' status for the person

If problems persist, don't hesitate to contact us at support@silverbucket.com
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