API / Competencies

With /competencies endpoint you can manage the competencies in Silverbucket and these competencies can be used to represent users' competencies.


When you call /competencies endpoint GET method without any parameters you will get all the competencies in the Silverbucket's database. You can expect to get result like this:
    "next": "null",
    "previous": null,
    "current": 1,
    "itemsPerPage": 500,
    "count": 1744,
    "lastPage": 4,
    "data": [
            "id": 1765,
            "created": "2020-06-09T13:24:15.214647",
            "modified": "2020-06-09T13:24:15.282382",
            "name": "Project management",
            "category": 17,
            "type": null
    "excelUrl": "/customer-api/1.0/competencies/?excel=true",
    "csvUrl": "/customer-api/1.0/competencies/?csv=true"


You can add new competencies with the POST method. Message body should contain these fields:
    "name": "<string>",
    "category": <competency_category_id>


You can modify competency's name and category with PATCH method. Add the id of competency in the endpoint URL when using PATCH:
Add the new name and/or category id to message body.
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