August 20, 2019

Release Notes - September 2019

At this moment we are focusing on a totally unseen side of the Silverbucket. Introducing more tools for analyzing the current and especially the future situation. First of the new Silverbucket superpowers is Competency Analysis that helps you see an overview of the competencies that are over- or underused.

New features
  • Whole new view on competency analysis
image.png 720.46 KB

Competency analysis let's you have a good look on your competencies at a glance. You'll get a view on what of your areas of specialities are either under- or overused. This view is comparing allocations of the people who have been detailed with certain competency to their total capacity.
  • Person filtering on project allocations
image.png 693.71 KB

Project allocations report has been updated with possibility to filter out some of the allocations based on the person filters selected. For example you could view how a certain usergroup is allocated on your own projects.

  • Deleting programs is now allowed
Editing programs is now possible with a specific edit view along the new quick editing by simply clicking the information that you want to edit. Along that it is now possible to delete programs for good.

  • Significant performance boost on People Overview graph
Overview graph, the People Allocations / Listing graph, has gone trough some performance maintenacne work. Load times of the graph has been decreased significantly within the last month.