February 01, 2021

Release Notes February 2021

In January we continued with smaller improvements on the Silverbucket user interface and especially with the notes that we got from you. There is multiple smaller tweaks on colouring and highlights of the interface and couple of larger things to notice.

Holiday highlight
Bank holidays and weekends are (again) highlighted with red colour. We are delighted to hear that this small detail has been extremely useful in the history. With the new interface weekends were first coloured with light grey to visualize them as disabled. You were quickly to note us how important it was to use red highlighting with these and so they are back but not in black.
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Add tasks
There is more power in task selection on new interface. Some of you have hundreds of tasks on single project and our new timesheet flow clearly was not optimal for this as it was more leaning on projects that have under couple of dozen tasks. We are now giving more power to user when choosing tasks to show on timesheet view.

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More options to project mass edit
In some cases you just have the need to edit a bunch of projects at once and the tool for that just got few improvements. With great power comes great responsibility.
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